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Water Damage

When Water Damage Occurs,

ONLY The Ducks Will Be Happy!

Room Flood
Water damage in your home or business all means the same thing…something got wet that was never intended to. Water extraction and drying experience is one of our specialties; local teams who have seen jobs ranging from carpet drying to disaster recovery and all this backed by a fleet of commercial dehumidifiers, air movers, and trucks to move them!

My House or Business Has Flooded… What Should I Do Next?

When the floodwater levels have dropped, it’s time for you to start the restoration process. Here’s what you need to do to begin restoring your home.

  • If your home has suffered damage, call your insurance agent immediately to file a claim and verify coverage you have.
  • Be sure to check for structural damage before re-entering your home to avoid being in a building collapse.
  • Take photos of all floodwater in your home and save all your damaged personal property.
  • Make a list of damaged or lost items (include their purchase date and value with receipts). Some damaged items may have to be immediately thrown away, so take photographs of these items for submission to insurance company.
  • VERY IMPORTANT to keep power off until an electrician has inspected your system for safety.
  • Be sure to boil water for drinking and food preparation until local authorities indicate that your water is safe to consume.
  • Remove wet contents immediately to prevent mold from growing inside the house.
  • Wear gloves and boots during the clean up process. Wet items should be cleaned, completely dried, and monitored for several days for any fungal growth or abnormal odors.

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